Create Your Magnificent, Memorable, Talked-about-Years-Later Wedding Rehearsal 

Wedding Rehearsals are often he most chaotic and confusing aspect of the wedding experience.  Learn the Six Master Keys to make your wedding rehearsal not only spectacular, but “kick-ass”.

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Imagine if...


Your wedding rehearsal was so spectacular that the bride and groom, families, friends and wedding party all felt joyful, peaceful and grateful you were the wedding officiant?


The truth is...






Are You Ready to Create Your Very Best Wedding Rehearsal?

The wedding rehearsal is the starting point of the 24-hour wedding day. Wedding Rehearsals set the tone and determine the quality of the whole day. These six Master Keys have been tried, tested and proven over four decades. Use them as your North Star as you put your own wonderful energy and essence into your wedding rehearsals.




How to Co-Create a Kick-Ass Wedding Rehearsal Online Course


Learn the Six Master Keys to ensure your wedding rehearsal is spectacular and memorable!


Learn how to unite a group of people (the wedding party, families and friends), who may or may not know each other and/or be from different parts of the world come together with one and only one purpose: to celebrate the bride and groom.


As an officiant, you have seven seconds to show your confidence, authority and respect for all. Knowing what you are going to say and how you are going to present is absolutely critical. It’s what the couple ultimately wants from you.


Officiant...know your strategies. Couple...demand your Officiant knows the steps and order they are going to manage the rehearsal. Rehearsals, like the wedding day and ceremony, are live events. Anything can happen. Be prepared.

Create the Wedding Rehearsal of your dreams!

You will:

  • Explore the definition of The Sacred Circle and how it pulls everyone together.
  • Receive a Sacred Circle bonus script.
  • Learn the importance of the Line Up and Walk Through.
  • Be given diagrams for each major aspects of the Rehearsal.
  • Receive the list of "must-knows" about every wedding rehearsal.
  • Examine the importance of the “Couple’s Conversation”.

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Elizabeth & Ben

Bride and Groom

(We) want to thank you for being an integral part of our wedding ceremony this year. We respect your ability to clearly communicate what we feel are the most important aspects of a relationship. We both feel that we are fortunate to have met you and have you marry us... We will treasure our wedding day memories forever.

Ody & Mark

Bride and Groom

Rev. Jody…you were awesome.  Not only were you helpful in all the hundreds of details, you were so fun to work with.  Everyone said it was the best wedding they had ever been to…and your calming, joyous, love-filled presence was obvious to all.  Thank you so much for everything…we would and will refer you to every bride and groom, anytime!

Kathy & Karl

Bride and Groom

(We) never got a chance to tell you how much we appreciated you officiating our wedding ceremony. Many people told us what a beautiful ceremony it was, in large part due to the service and your calm presence. ..We gave your name to two different couples who were so impressed with you and the service. Thank you for making our day so special.

Meet Jody Hill Stevenson

Dear Couples and Officiants,

Welcome to this wisdom, which is based on years of experience. Since 1987, I have officiated over 1,000 weddings, coached hundreds of officiants and worked with numerous couples who have wanted the wisdom of pre-marital counseling.

As an ordained Multi-faith Wedding Officiant and Pre-marital Counselor for over three decades, my blueprint for wedding day success and lifelong love have been implanted and proven. Couples and weddings and most of all…LOVE… have been not only my life’s passion, but my life’s purpose.




"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. "


                                              - Plato






You will receive:


7 Video Lessons


34-Page Wedding Rehearsal Implementation Guide
Guide to creating loving connection through the Sacred Circle
6 Master Keys to make your Wedding Rehearsal Kick-Ass


And much, much more!



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