Co-Create Your Perfect Wedding with Increasing Clarity, Calm and Confidence

As an Officiant, make your greatest impact.  As a Couple, discover how to organize your details, the lifelong influence of your wedding script and the most important questions to ask yourselves that most officiants don't ask.

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Imagine if...


You could walk down your wedding aisle knowing you had co-created the foundation for your lifelong love and perfect wedding ceremony.


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Are You Ready to Create Your Perfect Wedding?

Every wedding is wonderfully unique, interesting and creative.  Indeed, the next wedding is a new experience every time.  There are, however, seven truths that remain consistent and resourceful for both couples and officiants to know and understand in order to create the perfect wedding day and ceremony.




How to Create a Perfect Wedding Online Course


Learn the Seven Truths to ensure your special day is "perfect" in every way.


Clarifying the “feel,” theme and details are essential for the success of a joyous and peaceful wedding. Ultimately, the officiant and couple will co-create this together.


There is nothing more beautiful and precious than a bride and groom who experience their wedding ceremony with grace, joy and a calm sense that everything is unfolding "perfectly."


Knowing your officiant has the ability to manage your special celebration is a wondrous feeling. It is the key to being assured, grateful and confident on your special day.  

Create the wedding day and ceremony of your dreams!

You will:

  • Learn the true definition of a wedding and its components.
  • Discover how important your wedding officiant is and why.
  • Explore the most important question you will ever ask yourself about your wedding day which most officiants don't ask.
  • Receive a step-by-step Couples Intake Form.
  • Examine the 10 parts to every wedding script.
  • Learn about the first 15 minutes of your life and what to do with them.
  • Be given the true secret to a perfect wedding.

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Elizabeth & Ben

Bride and Groom

(We) want to thank you for being an integral part of our wedding ceremony this year. We respect your ability to clearly communicate what we feel are the most important aspects of a relationship. We both feel that we are fortunate to have met you and have you marry us... We will treasure our wedding day memories forever.

Ody & Mark

Bride and Groom

Rev. Jody…you were awesome.  Not only were you helpful in all the hundreds of details, you were so fun to work with.  Everyone said it was the best wedding they had ever been to…and your calming, joyous, love-filled presence was obvious to all.  Thank you so much for everything…we would and will refer you to every bride and groom, anytime!

Kathy & Karl

Bride and Groom

(We) never got a chance to tell you how much we appreciated you officiating our wedding ceremony. Many people told us what a beautiful ceremony it was, in large part due to the service and your calm presence. ..We gave your name to two different couples who were so impressed with you and the service. Thank you for making our day so special.

Meet Jody Hill Stevenson

Dear Couple,

Welcome to this wisdom, which is based on years of experience. Since 1987, I have officiated over 1,000 weddings, coached hundreds of officiants and worked with numerous couples who have wanted the wisdom of pre-marital counseling.

As an ordained Multi-faith Wedding Officiant and Pre-marital Counselor for over three decades, my blueprint for wedding day success and lifelong love have been implanted and proven. Couples and weddings and most of all…LOVE… have been not only my life’s passion, but my life’s purpose.




"To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow - this is a human offering that can border on miraculous."


                                         - Elizabeth Gilbert






You will receive:


9 Video Lessons


28-Page Perfect Wedding Implementation Guide
Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Officiant
10 Most Important Parts of Any Wedding Script


And much, much more!



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