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How to Create a Perfect Wedding

One of the questions I am often asked is, "So, after officiating over 1,000 weddings, do you feel you've seen it all?" Far from it!

Every wedding is wonderfully unique, interesting and creative.  Indeed, the next wedding is a new experience every time.  There are, however, seven truths that remain consistent and resourceful for both couples and officiants to know and understand in order to create a perfect wedding.  These overarching truths as the same for all weddings, regardless of the unique factor.


How to Co-Create a Kickass Wedding Rehearsal

Wedding rehearsals are often the most chaotic and confusing aspect of the wedding day. This Course offers Six Master Keys to every wedding rehearsal for officiants to use as their northern star of success. It is a practical and easy-to-follow guide that will be a resource for years to come.


Marriage Mastery: Pre-Marital Wisdom for Lifelong Love

In this comprehensive course, couples will study and reflect on ancient concepts, truths, and modern-day scientific findings on love. Together, they will ask important questions and reflect on each other's answers. The promise is the opportunity to experience meaningful and heart-opening conversations...the first steps to lifelong love.


"Rev. Jody…you were awesome. Not only were you helpful in all the hundreds of details, you were so fun to work with. Everyone said it was the best wedding they had ever been to…and your calming, joyous, love-filled presence was obvious to all. Thank you so much for everything…we would and will refer you to every bride and groom, anytime!"

Corey & Cari
Bride and Groom

"Rev. Jody provided us with wisdom and knowledge from her then 20-year career in the wedding business. I am so grateful for her sharing her knowledge with us. I can't stress enough how much you will love partaking in her officiant classes!! "

Rev. Dee Richardson
Wedding Officiant

"In the sixteen years of photographing weddings I’ve seen a lot of ministers. What I say to couples who ask is: “If you want to count on a wedding experience that is profoundly a gift to you and to your guests – Jody’s the one. You’ll enjoy each step of the way with her.” You show up so clearly and cleanly with no agenda but to serve "

Peter Paul Rubens
Wedding Photographer