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According to Spirituality and Health and CNN, wedding officiating is one of the top “Encore” professions in America.

Whether you are a One-Time-Only, First-time or Aspiring Career Officiant, when it is all said and done, and you are standing center stage behind the couple, you, and you alone, have the greatest impact in determining the quality of the wedding ceremony.

The courses offered in Wedding Day Wisdom are blueprints for wedding day success that have been implemented and proven in over 1,000 weddings and will guide you through the most essential knowledge and wisdom in your role as the officiant.

What We Believe

Our Vision

We are recognized as the premier source for wedding day wisdom for officiants aspiring to achieve excellence in their field.

Our Mission

We empower and inspire Multi-Faith Officiants to guide couples in creating their most memorable ceremony possible.

Our Values

We create beautiful wedding experiences through Peace, Joy, Respect, Trust, Wisdom, Wealth, Simplicity and FUN!

Programs for Wedding Officiants

Whether you’re wondering about the best way to conduct the first meeting with a potential wedding couple, how to best handle unruly rehearsals, the role of the best man and maid-of-honor, how to deal with multiple mom’s and dad’s, how to build a prosperous and thriving wedding officiant business and so much more, these courses have the answers that you’ll reach for again and again.

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What People are Saying About Wedding Day Wisdom

Kristy and Monte

Bride and Groom

"Not only were you helpful in all the hundreds of details, you were so fun to work with.  Everyone said it was the best wedding they had ever been to.  Thank you so much for everything…we will refer you to every bride and groom, anytime!"

Peter Paul Rubens

Wedding Photographer

"In 16 years...I’ve seen a lot of ministers.  What I say to couples who ask is: 'If you want to count on a wedding experience that is profoundly a gift to you and to your guests – Jody’s the one.  You’ll enjoy each step of the way with her.'”

Rev. Dee Richardson

Wedding Officiant

"Rev. Jody provided us with wisdom and knowledge from her then 20 year career in the wedding business. I am so grateful for her sharing her knowledge with us. I can't stress enough how much you will love partaking in her officiant classes!"

How to be a Lousy Wedding Officiant

Being a wedding officiant is both an honor and responsibility. One of my favorite questions to ask the Wedding Venue Directors is, “What makes a great officiant and what makes a lousy officiant?” Oh, the stories I have heard! Download this FREE REPORT to learn The Top 7 Ways to Be a Lousy Wedding Officiant.

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